Confused in Colombia…

I have lived in Colombia for about a month now and there are a few things I am struggling to understand…that’s what this post is about.


I dont’ understand…

  • Animals: I’m living way more urban than super rural New Mexico, yet am dealing with way more creatures… Ants, moths, roaches, MAGGOT? (I hope there was just one!), and geckos frequent my house. Our neighbor’s cat also sneaks into our house. A bird flies into my classroom daily.

photo (71)photo (74)


  • Students: They literally talk all the time. They are so different then my students in New Mexico who took a few months to warm up to me. Sometimes in New Mexico I would ask a question and blind stares would fill the classroom…Here I’m lucky if I get students to move on after presenting a question. Both situations are proving to be equally challenging.


  • My Student’s Parents: So far they are all very friendly, but speak very little English. Right now I feel like I am speaking with the Spanish vocabulary of a 5-year-old, so I understand very little of what the parents have said to me. I have resorted to smiling… nodding…saying yes, and hoping it’s the right response.


  • Humidity: Being from Florida, a state with a comparable level of humidity… I did not realize how much I would sweat here. It’s constant and gross.


  • Prices: A manicure and pedicure together cost 20,000 pesos ($10 USD)… but my small thing of sunscreen cost 30,000 pesos ($15 USD).
photo (73)

…$23 USD.


  • Weird food cravings: I’ve never been one to crave foods but here it’s constant. I want chocolate, ICE CREAM, pizza, tacos, and mostly anything spicy. Sorry Colombia but your food is not hitting the spot for me.

Literally the strangest combination of food...

Literally the strangest combination of food…

...had to have it.

…had to have it.

  • Post-it Notes: They don’t stick to anything. Please mail me the good stuff.